New Pediatric Therapy Clinic Opening Soon in Mandan

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MANDAN, ND - A new center for pediatric therapy is coming soon to Mandan.

Kim Bloms, lead Physical Therapist and CEO of the new center, says she's taking her first appointments on July 1st.

Bloms is setting out toys and assembling equipment in preparation for opening day of her brand new pediatric therapy clinic, Kids In Motion.

The 800 square foot space is tucked behind Every Eye Clinic on Main Street in Mandan.

The center features two separate gyms and a speech therapy treatment room.

Bloms says her center is unique because she's in the position to spend ample amounts of time with each patient.

This means kids have more time play while working on therapy.

She explains her experience sets her apart and her low overhead contributes to how much time she will be able to spend with each family.
Kids In Motion will provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

For more information on Kids In Motion, you can visit their website at

Kids In Motion is located at 306 West Main Street.