New Innovation School in Bismarck uses strength-based model

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Innovation School on 3rd Street in Bismarck is a new private, independent school that's tuition based and receives no federal funding.

The Innovation School costs $9,000 a year to attend, and is the first school of its kind in the area.

The Innovation School utilizes a strength-based model, which focuses on children's skills and interests.

"Our daily schedule, all of our standards, our curriculum. Everything will be built around meeting kids where they are, their abilities, and then pushing them towards more," said Kelsey Power, fourth and fifth grade teacher.

Teachers at the new school are excited for the upcoming school year.

They say it's cool to bring another type of learning to the Bismarck-Mandan area.

The Innovation School lets students have a hands on experience.

"We do a lot of project based work, based on kids curiosity and their questions. It's called inquiry based learning, rather than us just giving the content, the kids are curious about the topic that we're researching. Then their research drives their projects," said Executive Director Maggie Barth.

The Innovation School is k through fifth grade.

The school hopes to grow and offer a new grade every year.

"Instead of making a child fit into the school, we wanted to be able to help a child by changing the environment a little bit," said Barth.

The first day of classes is Sept. 5.

The school still has room for 23 more students.

If you'd like to fill out an application you can go to