New cabinet allows parents to set policies for their students

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BISMARCK, ND- North Dakota State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler is accepting applications for a new family engagement cabinet.

The new family engagement cabinet will allow parents and family members of students to have a direct say in statewide school policies. Baesler says she's seen success with her preexisting student cabinet and would like to further the concept by extending a cabinet to parents.

Students across North Dakota are working together to make sure all of their piers have equal access to make decisions about education.

Ayden Frohlich, a dedicated 7th grader at Simle Middle School, is a member of the state's Student Cabinet that opens communication between students and administrators.

"They're adults and they don't know what we need.. they know what we need, but they don't know what we want. So, we're just kind of working together to make sure it's more of a-- everybody likes what's happening in the school," Frohlich explains.

Frohlich says the student cabinet had the idea to implement a cyber security standard in schools, which was approved by the legislature. Due its success, Kirsten Baesler--ND State Superintendent and founder of the student cabinet--is taking applications for a new family engagement cabinet. Baesler says she now wants to give parents a voice in what happens in their children's' schools on a state level.

"What I really want to do is receive information from them so our family members are feeling like they are engaged and that they have an opportunity to really become part of their student's education system," Baesler explains.

Baesler's goal with the new cabinet is the same as the student cabinet...

"Hopefully make an impact on some of the schools around the state and hopefully make people like school a little bit more," Frohlich says.

Baesler says she has no set requirements for the family engagement cabinet, but rather is looking for a diverse group of student family members.

Baesler is accepting applications for the family engagement cabinet through April 25th and will notify applicants of their selection May 1st. Terms for cabinet members will last 18 months.