Need for blood donations around the holidays.

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MINOT, N.D- The holidays are a time for giving. Organizations encourage giving back to local communities, mostly through toys, food and time. However there is one gift that keeps on giving.

Blood donations are in short supply. Blood drives take place year round and many pop up blood shops provide an easy way for potential donors to give. However as the holiday season approaches, many blood banks face a shortage they aren't prepared for.

Teresa Johnson is a donor recruiter for Vitalant, one of the many organizations that run blood drives. She says people may not be aware of the need.

“As we head into thanksgiving and into the Christmas season, our blood donations do fall considerably, but this is actually the time of year that we have an increase in our need for blood. About 80 percent of the population of North Dakota will use blood at some point in their life and honestly only 2-3% take the time to donate,” said Johnson.

Busy schedules, seasonal illnesses and bad weather are just some of the reasons people stop donating during this time of the year.