Native leaders present flags to be displayed at D-NPL headquarters

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BISMARCK, ND - State tribal leaders held a ceremony Sunday to pass along their flags to Democratic-NPL lawmakers.

In the past few years a bill has come up repeatedly. If passed this particular bill would install the flags of North Dakota's five tribal nations into the capital building.

The latest iteration asking only that they be installed into memorial hall in the capital.

At 23 votes yes and 21 votes no it failed, requiring 24 votes yes to actually pass. The five flags will be displayed in the D-NPL Kennedy Center in Bismarck.​

"It's really important right now that we do this given the facts of the last few months that have happened, but I think that the honor that our tribal nations deserve and the tribute that we're paying to them today shows that we want to build that relationship," said Senator Joan Heckaman, ND Senate Minority Leader.

Senator Heckaman says they will continue to advocate for this bill, and plan to put forward again in the future.