Nationwide bike shortage hits ND

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 2:37 PM CDT
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There's a new shortage hitting the country that some speculate might be due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We talked to the owner of one bike shop who says he's never seen demand like this before.

From toilet paper to tech products to the latest product flying off shelves: bicycles. Consumers have been buying bikes faster than stores like 701 Cycle and Sport can keep them on the shelves.

"It's just fun to get exercise and ride around with it," said Hague resident Pearl Miller.

Manager Collin Kemmesat says demand first went up at the end of April. The store's stayed at about a 50% increase in sales ever since.

"The pandemic's playing a huge part. It's something that people relate to. They grew up riding bikes. And, it's something now where with limited access to certain things that they can do outside, it's something where they feel safe," said 701 Cycle and Sport General Manager Collin Kemmesat.

It's not just bike shops that are feeling the demand. Kemmesat says manufacturers are having issues keeping up supply as well.

"They're all sold out. I know our biggest manufacturers are actually working on putting up a new factory just to stay up with demand. So, it's been a crazy game. They're trying to keep us as well informed as they can on when stuff's going to arrive," Kemmesat said.

Kemmesat says bikes are usually a hot ticket item in times of economic prosperity and crisis. However, this is the biggest spike he's seen since working in the industry.

Kemmesat says they've sold through their inventory for the season, and bike orders are taking longer than normal to get in.

If you're hoping to get your hands on a new bike this summer, he says be prepared to be patient.