National Weather Service assesses flood potential in ND

BISMARCK, N.D. - The National Weather Service in Bismarck says there may be some risk of flooding across North Dakota.

Past floods have caused distress for locals and this year we've had a good amount of snow.

"Always going to be some risk, because we have enough water on the ground in the form of snow, to if we get a fast melt, we'll absolutely see some flood take place," said Schlag.

But Allen Schlag says where we see a lot of snow, may be deceiving because there isn't as much water in that snow that a person may assume and those who live in the country should be prepared.

"Right now if you look across the state, along the apple creek and beaver creek areas, along the Missouri River to the west of the Missouri River, we have the cannonball, cedar creek, those are all streams that have a fair amount of risk going forward, and then there's places like the knife river, where the risk is a little bit elevated this year, and that's kind of what we're keeping an eye on.. as we move on in the later part of March, how is that going to take off," said Schlag.

Schlag predicts this spring the Eastern part of state has the highest risks of flooding, North Dakota Insurance Commissioner says if you don't have insurance, the time is now since there's a 30 day waiting period.

"Our home owners insurance doesn't cover some of the flooding that we think of, it's not covered under your traditional policy that's what the national flood insurance program is for, so there's no time like the present to talk to your agent," said North Dakota's Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread.

Godfread says those without insurance have a longer road to recover and they are working on changes in congress since the floods in North Dakota are very different from other states and generally come from a long cold winter.