National Days Calendar in Mandan gives people a reason to celebrate every day

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MANDAN, N.D. - There are many national days on the calendar, with Tuesday being National Plum Pudding Day.

So, where did these daily holidays come from?

A Mandan man who struggled to answer this question decided to figure it out himself.

He created the National Days Calendar company and reached 100,000 people in the first month.

Now, they see that amount visiting their website as early as nine in the morning.

The success of their website has been making an impact.

" I suppose you could consider National Day Calendar the ultimate influencer. And that's kind of what we have built is a way for friends and family to go out and celebrate," said Marlo Anderson, founder of the company.

Anderson says the national days have also had surprisingly large effects on businesses as well.

"He was actually stating to somebody else, 'Why're we so busy today?' He didn't realize it was National Pizza Day, but there's this line of people there to get pizza. And I'm sure that was happening across the country," says Anderson.

Their office receives more than 20,000 applications a year for new national days, but only a handful of those get chosen.

The only criteria is that the day be relevant.

There are 400 national days that are still a mystery to the team, but they hope to uncover their histories with continued research.