Narcan in Minot Public Schools

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MINOT, N.D. - High school can be described in many ways.

"Prep for college, ya know trying to get your grades as high as you can. Trying to maintain that 4.0," said Marley Foltz, MHS senior.

"Friends, homework, test," said Adrian Davis-Aguilai, MHS senior.

"Safe, I think it's safe here," said Sydni Martin, MHS senior.

One word that may not come to mind: overdose. The Minot Public School District rolled out the Opioid overdose reversal drug, Naloxone, to middle and high schools throughout the district in October.

"Not necessarily saying that we have an issue in school, but just being preventive about it and having it on hand rather than trying to be reactive to it," said Officer Caisee Sandusky, Minot High School Resource Officer.

First District Health Unit says the Minot Police Department used naloxone six times in the first 34 days of having them on hand.

"We've had it on hand for months and months, and we've used it, and so it's better to have access to it in the event of needing it rather than have the risk of having to wait and then there being some long term effects from that," said Officer Sandusky.

The North Dakota state school board advises against schools having it, but state agencies say not having naloxone on school campuses is a liability.

"It's just like there was an issue with having the Epi pen in different schools. So I think you compare to Epi Pen or an AED in terms of having that availability at the schools. An overdose can happen to anyone," said Renae Byre, First District Health Unit Director of Health Promotions.

These high schoolers agree.

"It's a very safe and good idea. Like, if there was a student who needed to take pain medications and they accidentally overdosed, or if somebody did overdose it would be a good idea to have that there," said Kaitlyn Sundbakken, MHS senior.

"I feel very much more assured now that we have it here. It's good to have an AED in school. Hopefully you don't need it, but it's good to have one," said Foltz.

If your school does not have Naloxone on hand there are local pharmacies you can go to for a prescription. You can find those locations at