Narcan grant funding

BISMARCK, N.D. - Opioid abuse is an issue nationwide and the need for Narcan, a nasal spray used for partial reversal of opioid overdoses, is growing for law enforcement in our community.

A more than $24,000 grant supplied Burleigh and Morton County law enforcement agencies with Narcan, but the grant is up this spring.

“We felt it was important in the beginning for officer safety to use budget dollar, and now we feel it’s important for public safety to continue to use budget dollars.” said Kelly Leben, Burleigh Co. Sheriff Dept. PIO.

Bismarck Burleigh Public Health funded, through a grant, more than 280 of these boxes that bring two applicators of Narcan to many fire, sheriff’s and police in our area. Come April, that grant is up.

“We can look at grant funding or we could also see if they would be willing to absorb that into their own operational budgets,” said Renae Moch, Director of Public Health.

The Bismarck Police Department says the need for NARCAN continues regardless of funding.

“Well of course we’re hoping that there’s a second round of funding that pays for this in the spring. But if there’s not, rest assured we’ll find the money one way or the other," said Mark Buschena, Bismarck Police Department PIO.

There’s no concrete decision on where the money will come from

The director of Burleigh Bismarck Public Health hopes they are able to continue to help.