ND State of the State non-traditional venue

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Usually the State of the State address is held at the capitol, but today's event in Minot was not the first time a governor has provided a summary of the status of North Dakota to the legislature.

When governor Ed Schafer was in office, quite a few state of his state addresses were held outside of the capitol.

He called them an off-year address.

The State Historical Society says he switched venues almost his entire term.

A few were held at the Heritage Center and one in the House Chamber.

Governor Schafer said he felt there was a need to break with tradition by changing locations.

“It was basically to say that something else was out there besides doing things from Bismarck so it was pretty much to launch the Main Street Initiative as far as I know,” said Jim Davis, Head of Reference at the State Historical Society.

Due to the capitol building burning down in December of 1930, the 1931 State of the State address was also not held at the traditional location.

The senate met in the memorial building and the house met in the city auditorium in downtown Bismarck.

This was the makeshift capitol until the building was rebuilt.