NDSU requiring all students to wear masks in class for the fall; no plans to alter schedule

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 12:55 PM CDT
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As North Dakota State University plans to welcome students on campus for the fall, the school is requiring them to wear face coverings while in classrooms to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In an email. NDSU President Dean L. Bresciani said the university received a $20 million grant to help with its COVID-19 planning, which includes the launch of a new way of virtual learning.

“The HyFlex world is one where students and faculty who are vulnerable, in isolation or in quarantine, can still effectively teach, learn and be an active part of the NDSU community,” Bresciani said. "We have heard the concerns of some faculty and students about returning to the classroom environment, and this model should help allay those concerns.”

The HyFlex Education Model is a hybrid system of delivering classes online in a classroom that’s as close to normal as possible, according to NDSU.

The school will also be introducing additional physical spacing in classes and require all students to wear face coverings while in class.

"When you return to campus, you can attend classes in person to start, but then if you have to quarantine or isolate, you can attend remotely and not lose any academic progress,” Bresciani said.

NDSU also doesn’t have plans to modify its schedule for the fall semester. Other universities are either starting early or ending on Thanksgiving.

Attached to this email is the president’s full statement to students.