NDHP buys bag scanner for Capitol entrance

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BISMARCK, N.D. - If you go to the State Capitol, you'll notice a new piece of equipment hopefully getting you in the door faster.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol purchased a surplus bag scanner from Burleigh County for a dollar. Troopers say with the scanner, they'll be able to check bags and people at the same time, instead of just using the metal detector and then searching each bag by hand, which will be a big help in the winter.

“During the last legislative session, we processed 49,000-plus people through our security checkpoint. So we're looking at a way to make it more efficient. We don't want people waiting, standing in the cold or waiting for long periods of time to get through the security checkpoint,” said Sgt. Tim Coughlin, a trooper stationed at the Capitol.

Coughlin says they'll see how it works and if they'll be able to use after the entrance is renovated next year.