NDGS Paleontology event gives dinosaur enthusiast first look at discoveries

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The North Dakota Geological Survey is giving dinosaur enthusiasts the chance to see new and old discoveries up close.

The Mesozoic Masquerade highlights discoveries the team made over the summer along with fossils that are hidden in collections.

This event gives people the opportunity to see bones and fossils that are only collected in North Dakota, and interact with the paleontologists who found them.

“We've got some new species that were working on describing that science has never seen before and have never been up on display so, they'll get a first look at that material. Along with some really great fossils that we haven't had the ability to put up on display yet,” says Clint Boyd, Senior Paleontologist.

Tickets for the masquerade themed event can be found on the N-D-G-S Paleontology Facebook or at the link attached to the right side of this story.