NDDOT uses virtual reality video to educate people on importance of wearing seat belts

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BISMARCK, N.D. - As vacation season approaches, more vehicles will be on the road, especially with Memorial Day just around the corner. The North Dakota Department of Transportation is using a virtual reality video to show what it's like to not wear a seat belt during a car crash.

Through education and enforcement, NDDOT hopes to save lives on our roadways.

These new virtual reality goggles with 360 degree video technology, can help educate people on wearing their seat belts, and why it's important.

"The over-arching goal of using this video is to again emphasize the importance of wearing your seat belt. It's the one thing that you can control and it's your best defensive in a motor vehicle crash," said Ashlee Doan, NDDOT safety public information specialist.

Before you start your ignition, you should always click it, so you don't get a ticket.

The Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign starts May 22 and runs through June 4.

Fifty-two law enforcement agencies statewide will add extra patrols to participate in the nationwide campaign.

"We want people to understand, this isn't about issuing citations for us, this is about saving people's lives," said Maj. Kelly Leben from the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department.

According to the State Transportation Department, the number one contributing factor of motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota is not wearing a seat belt. In 2016, that number was 58 percent.

"Seat belts are a proven thing when it comes to motor vehicle operations that can reduce the risk of injury and death," said Leben.

NDDOT wants people to remember their Code for the Road: Buckle up, every trip, every time.

The app can be downloaded on both iPhone and Androids, you just have to request it by contacting the NDDOT.