ND top in nation for DUS

BISMARCK, N.D. - Last week we told you North Dakota leads the nation in the percentage of people driving with a suspended or revoked license, according to Insurify. Police departments here say they've noticed the uptick.

Usually when you go out driving you make sure you have your license, insurance and registration. But officers say on many occasions during traffic stops, people across our community have their license suspended.

Officers make hundreds of stops every year. They say stopping a driver with a suspended license is common.

"On a day where we're slow for calls, out of all the traffic stops we make I'd say probably about anywhere from five to eight of them might be suspended," said Ben Swenson, Traffic Division.

By the numbers, the Bismarck Police Department had more than 1,700 driving under suspension citations last year. This year they already have more than 900.

Mandan Police Department says they're also seeing an increase. Last year they handed more than 200, this year they are already at 114.

"Our penalties compared to other states, our fines, our fees, are very low. And I think a lot of people are willing to take that risk," said Lt. Jeff Solemsaas, Traffic Division.

Officers say there are options to avoid getting a DUS citation.

"I think there's definitely ways to avoid it. You know you just got to go through the work to do it. Call a friend, call an Uber, whatever you got to do," Swenson said.

Solemsaas says you can also try to obtain a work permit.

BPD says they're unsure whether anything will change until stricter penalties are enforced.