ND man talks about epic putt at Ryder Cup

CHASKA, MN - Last week at the Ryder Cup a North Dakota man put his money where his mouth was and sunk a high pressure putt in front of the professional golfing world.

David Johnson of Mayville was watching the Team Europe practice on Thursday when he let them know, he could make the putt. So the players invited him down to try his best and even put a hundred dollars on the putt.

Johnson coolly assessed his shot and drilled the putt. He says he wasn't even nervous, but not for the reason you might think.

“It was my major, that was it for me. Going through my head it wasn't that big of a deal actually hitting the putt cause I knew I was going to miss it. You know, there was no way it was going to go in, I wasn't nervous. I was just hoping to keep it on the green and maybe hit the hole a little bit”

Johnson has enjoyed a wild week including visiting ESPN and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and he was invited to attend next year’s Master's tournament in Augusta, Georgia.