N.D. insurance commissioner, along with other states, signs letter denouncing California’s Climate Risk Carbon Initiative

BISMARCK, N.D. - California officials are trying to lead other states with their Climate Risk Carbon Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to depend less on fossil fuel companies.

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread says the Initiative has a political agenda, and it puts politics above sound regulatory practices.

The initiative affects not only the insurance companies in North Dakota, but also the coal and energy industries here like Lignite Energy Council.

"We are what we consider energy rich, and business friendly. I think that's probably, really, a different type of atmosphere then what you'll find in California," said Steve Van Dyke, vice president-communications.

"The reason it impacts North Dakota is because of our coal industry in North Dakota and because our coal companies in North Dakota seek those investments from other companies as a way to kind of gain their capitol and grow their business," said Godfread, Commissioner.

North Dakota along with Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Oklahoma and Alabama hope the letter they sent commissioner Jones will help denounce the Climate Risk Carbon Initiative.