ND field of phrases sends political message

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ELLENDALE, N.D. - Airline travelers going from coast to coast are accustomed to seeing fields of sunflowers and wheat. Now, a creative North Dakotan is giving folks with window seats something else to think about.

When Gene Hanson has something to say, he lets his tractor do the talking.

"I'm trying to send a message," said Hanson.

Hanson carves his words of wisdom out of farm fields.

"It works best in a harvested bean field where you can count the rows," said Hanson.

When spelling out what's on his mind, He doesn't need to be guided by GPS satellites. Gene tapes slogans to the hood of his tractor and just cranks them out.

"I'm eyeballing it," said Hanson.

Mistakes can't be tilled over because the letters he sculpts are forty rows wide.

"If you let your disc down too soon, or not soon enough, you screw up the whole thing, and sometimes when you're almost done you've got to move to another part of the field and start all over," said Hanson.

Folks who fly over at 20 or 30,000 feet have no trouble figuring out where Gene is coming from.

"I've always been conservative," said Hanson.

You don't have to buy a plane ticket to read his work.

"I normally put everything on Facebook," said Hanson.

One of Gene's verses even caught the attention of the president of the United States.

"Trump has commented on the 'We stand for the National Anthem,'" said Hanson.

Other political prognostications include "Finish the Wall" and "Trump Nobel Peace Prize."

Hanson said, "I think Trump has done a good job for our country, and I look forward to voting for him again in 2020."

With a canvas as big as the prairie, you can bet Gene will have a lot more to say before the next election.

Hanson has created thirty field phrases in the past fifteen years. It takes about an hour for him to finish each verse.