ND farmers driving 9 loads of hay, other items to Nebraska farmers

Farmers across North Dakota are rallying in support of those in need in Nebraska.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts says losses in livestock and crops from severe weather and flooding are estimated at nearly $1 billion.

It all started with two friends wanting to help Nebraska farmers any way they could. A few social media posts later and the duo now has a team going with them this weekend to take hay, fencing and other items to farmers across Nebraska.

"They're looking for whatever we can get them," said Chris Kubal, Keene rancher and farmer. "Hay was a big thing right now."

So Kubal and his farmer friend, Derek Jilek, wanted to help.

"Someday it will be us that needs the help," said Jilek, Dickinson farmer.

People across the western part of the state rose to the occasion.

"Farm families know that it can happen to them and when they get a chance to say thank you by giving their hand out, by sending stuff to someone else that needs it, they jump all over the chance," Kubal said.

More people and trucks from Elgin to Watford City quickly got on board and will be taking nine loads of hay and dozens of donated items.

"I don't think we can get down there fast enough," Kubal said.

They'll be meeting in Dickinson Friday night and making their nearly 600-mile ride to Fullerton, Neb. Saturday.

"We're just going to drop it there and they'll disperse it. I know they're using helicopters, I've seen that happen," Jilek said.

A trip to aide others because this can happen to anyone.

They say they're not sure what they'll see when they get there. They're working closely with county officials, like the sheriff's department, to assure the roads they're taking are drivable.

Kubal and Jilek say Farm Rescue helped figure out where they would drop the loads of hay off and a representative will be going down to Nebraska with them.