ND doctors avoiding Tamiflu for flu patients

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Tamiflu, a popular medication for fighting the flu, isn't helping you get over the flu faster according to a study released in 2014. However, doctors are still prescribing the drug.

North Dakota doctors aren't following along. They say that only kids under two and adults over 65 should get Tamiflu. Even then, only if the need is truly there.

The medicine has been on the market since 1999, even being labeled as essential by the World Health Organization in 2010 before losing the designation in 2017. Dr. Vanessa Nelson with Sanford Health says they only prescribe the medicine if the person has other preexisting conditions.

“We recommend if you are over two and healthy, meaning no other medical problems, you really shouldn't have Tamiflu. You still should get the flu shot, but you shouldn't get Tamiflu,” said Nelson.

Nelson added the flu shot is the best way to prevent getting the flu. If you do get sick, rest and hydration is the most effective treatment.