N.D. could be getting short-changed in agricultural accounting

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BISMARCK, N.D. - North Dakota is a state that produces more than it consumes.

Our productivity just landed both Fargo, and Bismarck on the list of best cities for global trade.

But our Agricultural Commissioner says, we’re could be getting short-changed.

Here’s how:

When farmers export crops to other countries, it’s tracked by the Identity Preserve Program.

That means each crop has specific traits that can be traced back to the farm from which they came.

Only problem is, we’re only measured on those crops that are tracked.

And according to Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring, 70 percent is unaccounted for.

“Identity preserve sales are tracked. If it goes in a container, and is sold to a country. everything else that’s raised on that farm, goes down a pit in an elevator, or goes across the scale at an auction market, it not tracked,” said pecifically, that amount is actually tracked, and it goes into the data set,” said Goehring.

He says the goal is to get commodity markets to respond, which would lead to greater economic activity in the state.