ND Tourism extends contract with Josh Duhamel

Over $3 million was spent in 2016 on advertising by the North Dakota Tourism Division. A big part of that budget is promotions involving actor, and North Dakota native, Josh Duhamel.

Photo courtesy NDtourism.com

“It's a notable campaign and he's authentic representation of the state, so we hope the partnership continues,” said Sara Otte Coleman, tourism director with ND Tourism.

And that partnership will continue at least for the next two years. Duhamel signed for $365,000 to continue working with the state through 2019. He initially partnered up as the voice of the North Dakota Legendary campaign back in 2014. In 2016, that spread to commercials, photo shoots and more.

“He would have done it for free, but he has people and agents and other folks you have to incorporate into that,” Coleman said. “So we feel like we got a very good deal for the state, it's a win-win in that he's a real authentic representation of the state and we're able to incorporate him into different experiences and catch people’s attention a little differently.”

Coleman says the department spent about $3.2 million in 2016, part of which was Duhamel's contract. She says the campaign generated 354,000 trips to the state and over $328 million in spending.

“He definitely has helped open eyes for the state and broaden our audience, which has been important for us in that we're a state that people just don't really know a lot about,” said Coleman.

Part of the contract includes three trips to the state. Two were completed this year to Minot and Grand Forks. Another will happen sometime next year.