ND Stockmen's Association excited for beef producers after US trade deal with Japan

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President Donald Trump has agreed on a U.S. trade deal with Japan after the G-7 summit.

Sen. John Hoeven says this is good news for North Dakota producers and hopes it will put pressure on China to reach an agreement.

The North Dakota Stockmen's Association says it's exciting for beef producers and could ease competition.

Japan is America's number one beef customer in terms of value, and represents about 2 billion dollars in sales each year.
That's about a quarter of all U-S beef exports.

Julie Ellingson, executive VP of ND Stockmen's Association says the export market per head is evaluated at about $300 and this is exciting news coming at a time where the markets been challenging.

"This deal hopefully, puts us at a more competitive advantage over some of the other beef producing countries," said Ellingson.

Ellingson says she's hopeful details on the trade agreement will be revealed by next month, and the U.S will be at par or in a better position than its competitors.

Ellingson added the chief ag negotiator from the us representative trade office will be coming to North Dakota. He will attend the associations upcoming convention where she hopes to ask more questions about trade and deals for the U.S. and the state.