ND PSC says 3 hearings were held in 2015 for public input on Dakota Access Pipeline construction

Published: Aug. 24, 2016 at 10:17 PM CDT
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Some protesters say they were not aware of any public hearings before approval of the pipeline, but the Public Service Commission says there were three last year.

The hearings were held May 28 in Mandan, June 15 in Killdeer and June 26 in Williston.

The PSC says it filed notice of those hearings on March 25 of last year and notices were filed in the following newspapers on the dates listed:

• Mountrail County Promoter 4/1/2015

• Mountrail County Record 4/3/2015

• New Town News 4/3/2015

• Tioga Tribune 4/1 Williston Herald 4/1/2015

• McKenzie County Farmer 4/1/2015

• Beulah Beacon 4/2/2015

• Hazen Star 4/2/2015

• Dunn County Herald 4/3/2015

• Glen Ullin Times 4/1/2015

• Hebron Herald 4/1/2015

• New Salem Journal 4/1/2015

• Mandan News 4/3/2015

• Emmons County Record 4/2/2015

• Emmons County Record 5/21/2015

• Mandan News 5/22/2015

• Beulah Beacon 5/21/2015

• Beulah Beacon 6/11/2015

• Dunn County Herald 6/12/2015

• McKenzie County Farmer 6/10/2015

• Mountrail County Promoter 6/10/2015

• Williston Herald 6/10/2015

The Public Service Commission also says they held work sessions for the Dakota Access Pipeline on April 23, July 20, July 29, August 26, September 14 and December 7, 2015 as well as January 11, 2016.

The PSC says during work sessions, the commissioners and staff discuss cases and any outstanding concerns or issues. The work sessions are a chance for the commissioners to have discussions about projects in order to come to a decision to vote on.

Work sessions are open to the public and media, but no public input is taken during them. They are held after the public hearings so the commissioners have all of the information they need for discussions and for drafting the potential order.