ND PSC implements new rules for wind farms

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Changes are in the works for wind farms across North Dakota, the big one is the flashing red lights on the turbines at night.

It's now a requirement by the Public Service Commission for light mitigation technology systems to be implemented.

This could mean the lights will remain off until an aircraft is a certain distance away or having the lights dimmed depending upon weather conditions.

For non-participating landowners there's a new setback requirement to three times the height of a turbine which is about 1,400 feet.

"You'll continue to see I think this commission taking an active role in pushing the industry to be creative and thoughtful and investing in solutions to minimize impact and allow this industry to develop with the support of citizens in the state," said Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak.

Wind farms approved before June 5, 2016 have until December 2021 to change the lighting systems. The projects approved after June 5, 2016 have the deadline of December 2019.