ND Legislature votes to override Gov. Burgum's Budget Section veto

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The North Dakota Legislature has handed Gov. Doug Burgum his first veto setback since taking office.

The House voted 89-3 Friday morning to override the first-term Republican governor veto of a bill that he has called "legislative overreach."

Senators voted unanimously to override Burgum's veto on Thursday of the bill that defines the authority of a group of legislators known as the Budget Section.

Burgum says spending authority has been improperly delegated to the group, which consists of 42 of the Legislature's 141 members who meet between sessions.

A similar fight last session ended up in the North Dakota's Supreme Court. The high court agreed that the Legislature had ceded too much power to the Budget Section.

Burgum said in a statement:

"The Legislature can have a Budget Section, and the Legislature can place conditions on spending within the four corners of a bill. But what's clear in the Constitution – and the Attorney General agrees – is that the authority to carry out that spending and meet those conditions rests with the executive branch, not a mini-Legislature. This was a missed opportunity to move forward in the spirit of collaboration and to follow the Constitution."