ND Department of Trust Lands Finishes Mural and Launches New Website

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BISMARCK, ND - The North Dakota Department of Trust Lands recently finished its new mural with the help of students at Theo Art School.

Catelin Newell at the Department explains how the painting has been helping emphasize its mission.

Newell says that before the mural, many people were confused on the purpose of Trust Lands.

She says, the mural is shedding more clarity on funding for public education in North Dakota. She says the work of art features the Pembina Schoolhouse, which was the first school in the state.

"It's a reminder, when you look at it and see the schoolhouse, that that's what we're here for," Newell says.

She says a new website launched on May 21st to compliment the mural in emphasizing a clear, singular mission.

She says there are plans to incorporate more student art around the office in the fall.

You can visit the website at www.land.nd.gov for more information.