N.D. Department of Health participating in Infection Prevention Week

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BISMARCK, N.D. - As part of International Infection Prevention week, the Department of Health is trying to raise awareness to antibiotic resistance.

The World Health Organization says the misuse of antibiotics is making it harder to fight infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis.

The Department of Health says to prevent antibiotic resistant infections:

-Only take antibiotics when they are needed to treat an illness. Do not ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotics for illnesses like the cold or flu when antibiotics won’t be effective.

-If you are prescribed antibiotics, only use as directed by your physician.

-Washing your hands frequently prevents germs from entering the body.

-Make sure your immunizations are up to date.

A Johns Hopkins study found that 20 percent of adverse drug effects were caused by antibiotics when the person didn't need them.