ND testing Track-A-Plow map to help drivers plan road trips

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North Dakota is testing a new tool for drivers to better plan their winter road trips. The Track-A-Plow map. The pilot program for the map was released in January right now, shows the location of plows based out of 11 stations including Dickinson and Jamestown.

North Dakota's plows do important work to keep our roads safe to travel.

However, some drivers feel unsafe sharing the road with the big trucks, and others don't want to wait behind them.

This new map could help you plan for it; it shows which stretches of roadway the plows have cleared, and where they are going.

"I think for safety reasons this'll be a really good thing for the general public. The general public can see where we're at, what we're doing. They can look at the weather, kinda see actually what the roads are like, what the conditions are like," said Cory Bohne, snow plow operator.

North Dakota is testing the program now. Only 47 of the state's 350 plows are being tracked on the map. If the program works, well it will likely expand.

"It's just another opportunity for traveler information. We saw that Iowa is doing it, we saw that minnesota is picking up on it," said Brad Darr, state maintenance engineer.

This year, the program is costing around $13,000, a statewide implementation would cost $40,000 to $50,000.

To find the map go to dot.nd.gov and click on the track-a-plow map link.