ND DHS warns SNAP participants of phone scam

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The North Dakota Department of Human Services is warning Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients of a scam targeting their benefits.

In the telephone scam, a caller indicates that an individual or household will lose their SNAP benefits because he or she owes the program money. The caller provides a telephone number the individual should call to pay back the money using a credit card or another form of payment.

“Households that qualify for SNAP would never receive a telephone call about an overpayment or potential case closure,” said Michele Gee, director of the Economic Assistance Policy Division for the North Dakota Department of Human Services, in a release Wednesday.

In August 2019, SNAP served about 48,000 qualifying low-income North Dakotans. SNAP households should notify their county social service office if they receive any of these scam calls relating to SNAP benefits. County contact information is online at www.nd.gov/dhs/locations/countysocialserv/.