ND Board of Pharmacy supporting drug transparency bill

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The price of prescription drug costs has led to national outrage, new state laws and even presidential executive orders trying to get to the bottom of why it is so expensive. You can add North Dakota to the list of states working to get more transparency in drug pricing, and lawmakers are getting support from a key side.

North Dakota's Board of Pharmacy is getting behind a drug price transparency bill going through the interim health care committee.

Director Mark Hardy says the bill will help shed light on why certain medications increase in price, which will give lawmakers more information for any further action.

“The public doesn't see exactly all of the different factors that go into there and including some organizations in between the manufacturers and the pharmacies that do have impact on pricing and that's what this legislative proposal really gets at is to open the book on some of those,” said Hardy.

The interim committee is expected to vote at its next meeting whether to submit the bill during the 2021 session.