'My Mandan' video showcases all the city has to offer

MANDAN, N.D. - Mandan has everything you could be looking for, according to the latest video from the Mandan Tomorrow group.

“Mandan has a lot to offer, we've grown, we're continuing to grow and we'd like people to come and see the changes that have occurred here in the last number of years,” said Laurie Leingang, Mandan Tomorrow Leadership, Pride and Image Committee chair.

Dot Frank plays host in the video, taking her daughter and husband along for the ride. They go around town showcasing some of her favorite restaurants, specialty and clothing shops.

“You can find boutiques and shops and sweet specialty stores here like you would find in big cities outside of the state,” Frank said.

Frank hopes the video serves as an inspiration to get up and see what you could be missing.

“I really hope that the video is more than just seeing what Mandan has to offer but it's a motivator for people to come over and experience it,” she said.

The video was funded by the Made in Mandan group, which receives money from the city of Mandan, the Mandan Public School District and the Mandan Progress Organization.