Music returning to downtown Minot

MINOT, N.D. - Downtown Minot has seen a rebirth in the past year, but in the midst of the construction, downtown lost their sound system.

The downtown association is working to bring the music back to Main Street.

Construction crews finished most of the work on Main Street in Minot late last year, as part of the multi-million-dollar downtown revitalization project.

But one thing that hadn't returned—the downtown music.

Debbie Harris with Minot's Downtown Business and Professionals Association said she wants to change that.

“This speaker I'm holding right now actually came out of the tree, and this is the type of speaker that we're going to be putting on to the lampposts,” said Harris.

Harris and the Association have worked with the Minot City Council to get approval for at least eight speakers to adorn the new lampposts along Main Street.

They could have as many as 25 along the street, and they're giving the public a chance to sponsor the speakers.

“They would pay $400 for a speaker. We would put a plaque on the bottom of it, so when you look up at the speaker, you'll be able to see who actually sponsored the speaker,” said Harris.

Harris said they will run appropriate music and be courteous to tenants downtown, and bring life back to Minot's main drag.

“The ambiance is so nice. It's very festive, you open up your door no matter what time, if it's the spring or it's in the summer. And of course, the big event that we have down here is the lighting of the Christmas tree,” she said.

She said crews will start installing the speakers they already have as soon as the weather improves.

If you would like to sponsor a speaker, which costs $400, you can contact Harris at Fiancee Bridal at: (701) 838-9616.