Mouse River Players bring 'A Christmas Carol' to the stage

MINOT, N.D. - Minot's community theater is bringing a classic Charles Dickens novel to the stage, just in time for the holiday season.

We caught up with members of the Mouse River Players in their final rehearsals for "A Christmas Carol."

The Mouse River Players are bringing the magic of "A Christmas Carol" to the stage this weekend.

Justin Anderson plays the curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge, a lead role that requires a lot practice.

“A lot of studying lines. That's the big thing, is making sure I know what I'm supposed to be saying, and when I'm supposed to be saying it,” said Anderson.

Brandon Shafer is portraying Scrooge's more tempered employee Bob Cratchit.

“He's a lot like me in real life, except he's a much better guy than I am. He's an incredibly decent individual and very honest, trustworthy. I could only hope to aspire to be that good,” said Shafer.

The show is a family affair for some.

“This is my first time to be a part of Mouse River Players, and it's exciting. I happened to see an open audition on Facebook, and we decided to do it,” said Melissa Schantz.

“It feels really fun to be with all my friends and to participate in the play,” said Shelby Schantz.

Those involved with the play say John Nilsen was the right man to play the ghost of Jacob Marley.

“I'm kinda anxious for the performances to start so we can start doing it in front of an audience and see how they react to it,” said Nilsen.

Scrooge may be the main character, but perhaps the star of the story is Tiny Tim, played by youngster Xylia Michels.

“I did one last year, and I saw this one, and I was like 'Oh this looks like a really good one!' I really enjoy it because I've been in one, like I was in a Christmas pageant last year,” said Michels.

It's a story of redemption for Scrooge, and the true meaning of the season.

“Scrooge goes through quite a journey to get from the beginning to the end of this show,” said Anderson.

"God Bless Us Everyone!” said Anderson and Michels.

Bringing a taste of holiday cheer to the Magic City.

The show runs Nov. 17-19 and Nov. 24-26.

For times and tickets you can search Mouse River Players on Facebook.