Mott Tornado clean up

MOTT, N.D. - Residents of Mott didn't waste any time getting to work cleaning up the mess Mother Nature made.

Cleanup begins after an EF-1 tornado brought down trees, power lines and roofs in the town of Mott.

Rachael Mayer says her family was in town celebrating her husband's class reunion. She says they knew it was time to shelter in the basement when the windows started flexing.

"When the windows starting flexing and breathing then we decided we better hit the basement, so we did that and heard lots of noise," said Rachael Mayer, garage destroyed.

During the storm, people at the nearby county fair grounds took cover at the Hettinger County Courthouse, which also sustained damage.

Although most people took shelter, the Hettinger County Sheriff's Office says in the future, residents need to understand the urgency of tornado sirens.

"People need to realize it's for real and they need seek shelter and don't go outside, don't be looking at the storm," said Sheriff Sarah Warner, Hettinger County Sheriff's Office.

No injuries or fatalities were reported from the tornado.

John Martin of the National Weather Service office in Bismarck says that Hettinger County is a storm ready county and that no doubt contributed in getting people ready and saving lives.

Mott residents say they will rebuild.