Morton County thinking about implementing the LoadPass Truck Permit System

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MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - Truck drivers are on the go driving through many counties at a time to reach their destination, but every time oversized and overweight truck drives through a new county, they have to get a new permit.

Morton County is looking to join other counties by using a simpler option for their non-divisible loads.

For overweight and oversized loads traveling on county roads, they can use the LoadPass Truck System. If passed in Morton County, it would allow truckers a permit to travel through counties using the LoadPass system.

Nineteen counties in North Dakota already have the LoadPass permit System in place. Morton County has it in its sights.

"The road commission is pretty strong in favor of it. We have not addressed it at the county commission level. But it takes a lot of work load off of us," said Ron Leingang, chairman of the Morton County Road Commission.

The LoadPass system is a one stop shop for truckers to get their permit and know which roadways have a weight limit.

"Rather than taking a chance and going through a particular road without a permit, getting caught and fined, they're going to know ahead of time, which roads and have the permit with them at all times," said James Boehm, road commission member.

Everything is done online, so it'll be a faster process for truckers to get their job done.

"LoadPass is a uniform system across all the counties. It allows for that traffic to flow more seamlessly," said Brent Bogar, LoadPass consultant.

The LoadPass has a permit fee that's a graduated fee depending on the weight and size of truckers loads.

That money goes back into county funds.

"Many of the counties use the revenue that they receive from the permit system to maintain their roads," said Janet Sanford, LoadPass operator.

There's also an administrative fee of $6 truckers pay, which helps keep the LoadPass system operating.

The Morton County Road Commissioners will be discussing the new system in their next meeting on April 18.

They hope to use the LoadPass Truck Permit System in June.