Morton County deputies trained on Narcan

MANDAN, N.D. - Opioid abuse is an issue in our area according to law enforcement and they want to be prepared.

The Morton County Sheriff's Department trained over 30 deputies this week on Narcan, a nasal spray used for partial reversal of opioid overdoses.

Narcan is a life-saving medication that can stop or reverse the effects of an opioid overdose according to the Food and Drug Administration.

"I know Mandan PD has had a couple and Bismarck has a bigger problem with it although it is moving this way so it will eventually be a bigger problem than it is right now," said Morton County Sheriff’s Deputy,Joshua Selle.

The Morton County Sheriff's Department received training as a result of a grant.

"The grant was $24,000 and it was being provided through Bismarck Burleigh Public Health,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier. “It’s $60 plus for one dose of Narcan."

Deputies like Selle feel ready if a situation arises.

"To be able to have this, to administer to somebody and potentially save their life, I think that's good for everybody," said Selle.

"We just want to be prepared so we can help and alleviate that situation as best we can," said Kirchmeier.

For now, they hope their training won't be necessary.

Their Narcan training started Monday and ended Wednesday.

Morton County Sheriff’s Department says they will have their deputies carry Narcan nasal spray at all times, just in case.