Morton County Extension Agent retiring after 37 years in the business

BISMARCK, N.D. - When Jackie Buckley started this job, it wasn't all smiles and laughter.

"There was producers, and people that, that were very prejudiced at that time. As if a woman can't do a man's work," says Jackie Buckley, Morton County Extension Agent.

She was only the second woman in North Dakota to be an agriculture extension agent.

But despite this, she pushed through.

"I was just persistent, and I really liked working with people," says Buckley.

Now, 37 years later:

"The horticulture and the livestock and the forestry - she knows so much," says Kari Presler, coworker.

"There's not a question that she can't answer or find an answer to," says Cami Bauman, coworker.

She's a walking, talking agriculture encyclopedia. And each day brought a new challenge that she gladly stood up to.

"I may be out weighing calves. I might be collecting feed samples. Helping producers come into the office that are asking questions about cash rent," says Buckley.

Coworkers say she's given much back to producers and youth in Morton County.

"It's going to be difficult to find someone who has the same passion and the same drive, the same interest in helping youth and helping the public," says Vanessa Hoines, extension agent.

Now, the woman who walked in to a male dominated industry is walking out, leaving a generation of agents with her wisdom.