More than 45 North Dakotan artists recreating an 18th century painting

BISMARCK, N.D. - A Bismarck photographer is recreating history.

Wet Plate photographer Shane Balkowitsch and more than 45 artists from across the state are recreating an 18th century painting by artist Nicolas-Andre Monsiau, showing the House of Olympus.

Balkowitsch says this is a unique art and is one of a few hundred artists in the country that produce wet plate photos, a form of photography used until the 1930's.

"It's more of a collaboration, so it's not just any one of us that makes this come true, everyone had to come together and pitch in. So that's what I love about, people bring their talents, talents that I don't have and they contribute and we get a final product from that talent," said Shane Balkowitsch, wet plate photographer.

This is his fourth large collaboration project. Balkowitsch says it takes more than eight months to plan each picture.