More people living in hotels despite rising rates in Williston

In Williston, the prices of hotel rooms have gone up a lot within the last year, but that is not stopping people from staying in hotel rooms for extended periods of time.

The Grand Williston Hotel has gone from half-booked to fully booking their rooms. The prices have increased, going from forty-five to one hundred forty a night. Due to a shortage of apartments and housing, some families end up staying longer than expected. Staff say about thirty rooms a day extend their stay times.

Connie Kritikos HR & Accounting Manager said, “Our permanent ones are here for three months, six months, we have someone in-house that signed on last fall for five years. We have people here for eight months, a family. A whole family is here."

Staff say many guests moving from other areas have said it's easier to come up with three-hundred dollars than to spend three-thousand to move into an apartment. They say the community atmosphere, hot breakfasts, and lounge area are more preferable for some oilfield workers.

Gina Carpenter Catering & Sales Manager explained, "There's guys that stay here two weeks on, two weeks off then go home. In that case, I do believe that hotels are more favorable for them.”

Extended stays in hotels and the rise in prices play a role in the City’s increased Occupancy Tax Distributions. The City has collected fifty four thousand dollars more than at the same time last year.