Moose on the loose in Mohall, N.D.

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MOHALL, N.D. - A hundred years ago it was rare to see moose in North Dakota. The largest member of the deer family is commonly found in Canada and Alaska. Recently, there have been many sightings near Mohall, N.D., and across northern North Dakota.

Folks who travel around Mohall are used to seeing deer and pheasants crossing the road. Now there's a new obstacle that motorists need to be on the look out for.

"They're very aggressive, or can be very aggressive. And, they are, they're just huge," said Mohall resident Renee Johnson.

Johnson says she's sighted nearly 22 moose together on the road. They even wondered onto her land, damaging some of her crops and apple trees.

"That is rare that I've been told. It's not very common that they go in herds," said Johnson.

They've also been spotted across the northern border, including this one on the Williston State College campus.

"They're survivability is really high, they have high pregnancy rates, and we found that through a study we had done looking at what was going on with the Moose," said Mike Szymanski, North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Hunting is the only option for controlling North Dakota's moose population. The first licensed hunt took place in 1977 with 10 tags issued. That number has increased to 247 this year.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has also changed unit boundaries to concentrate moose harvests to certain areas of the state, reducing the number on the roads and in farm fields.

Even though seeing a moose isn't as uncommon as it used to be, seeing one of these massive animals is still captivating and makes for a great picture to share.

The Game and Fish Department says they continue to monitor moose in all parts of the state.