Monster trucks make their way to Minot

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MINOT, N.D. - The All Seasons Arena in Minot filled with monster trucks as tall as twelve feet Saturday.

Monster Truck drivers a part of Monster Truck Thunder travel the country to bring their fans a day of pure excitement.

"This is actually our first time here so it's great to be in North Dakota for the first time," said Melanie Gottwald, 'Illuminator' Truck Driver.

While it's nice to drive the trucks, it's the interaction with fans before the show that Gottwald says she enjoys most.

"There's a lot that I look forward to during the entire show. It's just an enjoyable time just to meet one on one with the fans themselves. Just to talk to the kids and encourage them to do well in school and listen to their parents and do all the right things so that maybe one day they can do this," said Gottwald.

Gottwald says that for the fans who want to be in her shoes, it's never too late to bring a dream into action.

"You gotta pay your dues, start out rolling tires, washing them and if you do well enough in school and save your money, you'll be able to build one of these trucks yourself and compete," said Gottwald.

Shedding light on all the work that comes with reaching your goals.