'Money Follows the Person' program helps over 400 North Dakotans statewide

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BISMARCK, N.D. - If you have an intellectual or developmental disability, it can be hard living in an institute. Also, living in a nursing home might not seem like your cup of tea. That's why a federal grant called 'Money Follows the Person' is helping those individuals get back into the community.

"Money Follows the Person" program has helped over 400 North Dakotans state wide transition from an institute or a nursing home back into the community.

One individual says he's grateful this program helped him live a normal life again.

Allen Morris sustained a traumatic brain injury a few years that causes him to lose short memory.

He lived in a nursing home before the 'Money Follows the Person' program helped him get back on his feet.

"It's awesome because I can do what I want, I can go where I want. I ride bike all over. It makes me appreciate how being my age that I should be able to get out and enjoy it," said Allen Morris, recipient of Money Follows the Person program.

The program bought Morris a device to help him remember to take his pills, and it also paid for the apartment he lives in.

"A lot of people I think, if your disability is too severe they think you have to live in a nursing facility, and Allen's a perfect example that no you don't. You still got that choice to live where you want,“ said Royce Schultze, executive director of Dakota Center for Independent Living.

The Dakota Center for Independent Living is an agency that has helped assist 102 individuals transition into a home, including Morris with the use of this program.

"People are so excited about being able to go home. We're able to assist them with 3 thousand dollars in moving costs so they can go back to the community and reestablish their life. Become involved," said Jake Reuter, Money Follows the Person Program administrator.

Reuter and Schultze says it's wonderful to see individuals like Morris thrive in the community.

If you want to see if you qualify for the 'Money Follows the Person' program, you can call 1-855-462-5465.