Mondak Pulse Day helps farmers stay up to date

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Last week, the National Hard Spring Wheat Show was the main event. This week, pulses took center stage.

Pulses like soybeans, chickpeas, and lentils, are important crops to farmers in the area.

"Pulse is good to have in your rotation. It gives you a break from diseases on some of the other crops that we have, but it adds a nutritional benefit also," says Brian Gion, Northern Pulse Growers Association Marketing Director.

Mondak Pulse Day is an opportunity for farmers to stay up to date.

"That diversification is important. Pulse crops are a major part of that," says Eric Butler, Tractor & Equipment Ag. Sales Rep.

The right information can go a long way into helping farmers get the best possible harvest.

"As an operator, you're always looking at what can I get that's going to help me get through the next year and be profitable at the same time. Not only being a benefit from the price-wise but also the soil nutrients that you're getting out of it," says Gion.

A new year brings new possibilities for the agriculture industry.

"In general the farms are excited about what's coming. Of course, you know, we don't know. It's farming. You put it in the ground, hope it comes up, you hope it's a good yield, and you'll hope somebody will buy it," says Butler.

And pulses are an important part of that equation.

Talks ranged from crop rotation to crop diversification to pulse pesticides.

Next year's Pulse Day will be held in eastern Montana.