Molly bear program now at Sanford

MINOT, N.D. - Comfort can be hard to find when parents lose a child, but sometimes simple things can help. Sanford is now offering Molly Bears for parents who experience loss in the birth center.

If a child is stillborn, miscarried or dies shortly after birth, parents are given the opportunity to get a teddy bear. The bear is free of charge, through a donation from Beau and Kayla Backman. The parents can specify the bear's exact weight, size, and color.

“This gives our families the ability to when they get home actually have a tangible item that allows them to help process that grief,” said Pregnancy and Infant Loss Bereavement Coordinator Bethany Bernhardt. “And when you go home empty-handed without a baby your grief is quite large.”

Sanford can give out 45 bears through the donation. So far, they've given out 8.