Mock crime scene drives attention toward 'We Support the Badge' campaign

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BISMARCK, N.D. - What many believed to be a crime scene in downtown Bismarck wasn't a threat at all. It was actually part of a campaign to support efforts of law enforcement.

Kat Communications' production crew shot footage of Bismarck Police for "We Support The Badge."

They set up police tape, crime scene markers, and tried to replicate a crime scene.

Footage will be used for the campaign, police recruitment videos and social media.

"I think what's beautiful about this is that we've established it in such a realistic term that there's so many people that actually are thinking this is probably a real event. I think it probably does represent the high quality of the professionalism of this department," says Harley Engelman, lead Contact, We Support the Badge.

The campaign is also doing projects with Mandan Police and Burleigh and Morton County Sheriff's Departments.