Mission to find the man who left his winning Kentucky Derby ticket behind

Published: May. 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM CDT
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Saturday's interference ruling after the Kentucky Derby meant that Maximum Security, which crossed the finish line first, was disqualified.

And Country House won the roses.

A man at a Bismarck bar bet money on the big underdog, but he left his winning ticket behind because he was gone before the reversal was announced.

A race millions watch from across the world, and bet on.

Some, like Mystery Man Ed, thought the odds weren't in their favor.

"He said I guess I don't have any winners and got up and left," said Bradley King.

A historical reversal made Ed several hundred dollars richer.

King said: "I've got this ticket for him that's worth over $600. And, so I want to find Ed, can you help me find Ed."

King says all he knows is Ed lives 40 miles South of town.

Bradley King: "this is his money he should really have a change to take this and enjoy it.

Ed has white hair, a white beard, was wearing round wire rimmed glasses and is about 60 years old.

If you think you know who Ed is or if you're Ed, contact South Prairie Dental office, King has your ticket.

King says the ticket will expire in 90 days.

He says he hopes to find Ed before then.

But if he doesn't, he'll cash it and hold onto the money until he finds Ed, even if it takes until next year's Derby.