Miss North Dakota becomes Miss America for 1st time in pageant history

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Rarely has Miss North Dakota made the top 10 in the Miss America pageant. But last night, Bismarck native Cara Mund made history when she won the crown.

It's the first time someone from the Peace Garden state came out on top in the pageant's 97-year history.

It's all people can talk about. Many in Bismarck are saying it's a great thing that's happened for Cara and the state.

It was a moment many had been waiting for. Finally, Miss North Dakota became Miss America.

People in Bismarck were excited about Cara Munds victory.

"Good for her, I mean everyone deserves a chance so why not North Dakota," said Rayeanne Marcelli, Pageant viewer.

"I thought it was great exposure for the state, she seemed like a really lovely girl. I loved her response for the climate change," said Patty Castro, Bismarck.

Mund was joined by a contingent of North Dakotans, including Sydney Helegson Miss North Dakota teen who described the moment.

"Once they called her name it was just chaotic and crazy and I was balling," Miss North Dakota Outstanding Teen Sydney Helgeson.

Also on hand to witness the historic night was Bis man Pageant Director Aly Downs.

"The whole state should be so proud her. North Dakota made history. There has never been a Miss North Dakota to win Miss America. So after 97 years it happened and that's super exciting," said Aly Downs, director Bismarck Mandan Scholarship Pageant.

Mund was crowned Miss North Dakota just a few months ago. She will use her platform to benefit the make a wish foundation.

"I thought what could I do to raise money for that wish. We decided to this fashion show," said Mund.

Mund will tour the country as part of her Miss America duties for the next year.

Then, she plans to start law school at the University of Norte Dame.

Before Mund, only three previous Miss North Dakotas made it into the top 10 in the Miss America finals.