Miss ND 2016 speaks with Williston students about drinking and driving

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Miss North Dakota 2016 Macy Christianson is in Williston this week to spread awareness of her platform.

Christianson's Platform is "You Decide the Road Ahead: Don't Drink and Drive."

"It's not just the decisions we make, it's not just us that are affected by those decisions, and that's why it's so important," says Christianson.

Christianson told students at Williston High School the emotional story of her brother's decision to drink and drive, which resulted in a crash that left him in a coma for more than a month.

"I think the reason I have the courage to talk about it, especially about my brother's accident, is because I saw how it affected my family when he made that decision, and I decided 'OK, I want to help it so that other families don't have to go through what mine did,'" says Christianson.

Christianson is hoping her speech will help inspire students to make good choices in their daily lives.

"I'm hoping that I can impact students, not just to make good decisions, but to have the courage to do it. And to have the courage to do it and to take that step forward even if everyone around them is making the wrong decisions," says Christianson.

And her message stuck with some of the high schoolers that listened to her Tuesday.

"She had a lot of personal things to say about it. And it was just really emotional, I guess, and it was just easy to understand," says Stephanie Webbermissey, WHS sophomore.

When speaking to some of the younger students, Christianson tailors her presentation to be more about making good choices.

Christianson will be in Williston all week talking to students at all grade levels.